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Our app: 1. Is totally FREE to download and use 2. Has a super friendly interface. Makes trading as simple as it can be - just 2 buttons Up and Down 7.

Offers the most popular time frames - from 5 second to 1 minute 8. Provides real charts that real are updated every 5 seconds, which means vokiečių forex atsisiųsti are trading like in a real market How can I learn trading?

Our app not only provides you with the real Forex market environment where you can buy and sell currencies and crypto, but can also learn from the educational stuff and tips we share with you. For example, you can buy Bitcoin with it, which seems like getting free Bitcoin.

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Forex News We also choose and share the most important news about finance, cryptocurrencies and politics which have the ability to affect markets in this or that way.

You can use them to make market analyzes.

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These brokers were chosen based on the multiple-year experience of the team and our users. We use over criteria to rate and review brokers and suggest you the best options.

These brokers are trusted by millions of traders and have ideal conditions for beginners.

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More than 1, users have learnt to trade with our app and started trading in the real Forex market. For some this has become a lucrative career. Join the community of traders and share your success stories with us.

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For your convenience we provide the opportunity to change the language of the game from the settings. Start your Forex Trader career today!

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General Risk Warning: financial services carry a high risk. Investors may lose all their invested capital.

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