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Denmark: Greater acceptance of LGBT colleagues in female-dominated workplaces Denmark: Greater acceptance of LGBT colleagues in female-dominated workplaces Published on: 08 Vasaris Author: English en It is likely to be more difficult to be an LGBT person in a male-dominated Danish workplace than a female-dominated one, according to a recent union-backed survey.

Background InDenmark became the first country to legalise darbo pasiūlymai iš casa apklausų partnerships between two people of the same sex in Danish.

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Inthe Danish parliament passed laws banning indirect and direct discrimination on the labour market in Danishbased on sexual orientation. The laws also covered discrimination based on gender, religion, social background, crypto trader telegram, faith and political affiliation.

Inage and handicap were also added to the list.

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InDenmark was ranked number 8 out of 49 in a list of the European countries most friendly towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT people in terms of legislation and policies implying that it was no longer a front-runner in this area of legislation.

The area of legislation is one matter; the cultural environment that LGBT people actually experience on a day-to-day basis is another.

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About the study The LO study sample included its own members, those of other unions and non-members, with responses from 1, people providing the results. The study was published on 3 August When the results are analysed by gender, the numbers show that fewer men than women know if they have colleagues who are LGBT.

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However, this proportion is not reflected in the LO survey. A study finds a similar dynamic for bisexual and transgender people in Denmark. These figures indicate that it is particularly difficult for people who are bisexual or transgender to open about their sexuality or gender identity at work. The results also indicate that women view Danish workplaces as being safer in this regard than do men.


The difference also suggests that it might be more difficult for someone to be open about being LGBT in a male-dominated workplace. Figure 2: To what extent do you think that LGBT people can safely be open about their sexuality or gender identity at your workplace? Again, when the results are analysed by gender, significant differences appear between the answers of men and women.

These results also appear to support the trends that emerge from the previous answers, in that men have a different experience of the acceptance of LGBT people in their workplace than women, and that male-dominated workplaces are likely to be more difficult environments for LGBT people to work in.

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Gender differences were also evident in responses to this part darbo pasiūlymai iš casa apklausų the survey. Figure 4: To what extent is it your experience that LGBT colleagues have the same opportunities to be a part of the workplace community?

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The women surveyed had a more positive outlook on the status and recognition of LGBT people in the Danish labour market. Overall, however, the results demonstrate that LGBT people generally have good social conditions in Danish workplaces and that their co-workers are generally accepting and inclusive.

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Still, this picture of the prevailing social conditions could be skewed: the sample surveyed includes both LGBT people and those who are not; it is possible that people who are not LGBT do not experience the social conditions in the same way as their LGBT colleagues. Reactions from social partners When the study was published, LO published their own reaction to the study on their website. DI believes that companies want open and inclusive workplaces that enable everybody to be themselves.

Denmark: Greater acceptance of LGBT colleagues in female-dominated workplaces

Rikke Voergård-Olesen, Spokesperson for Labour Market Politics for LGBT Danmark, the National Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender people, stated that this issue of acceptance is a problem at managerial level in Danishand that managers have a responsibility to ensure a good working environment.

She added that she was not surprised by the results of the study and there might be different expectations of men and women in Danish workplaces. She also complimented LO for bringing the issue to light in their survey. They stated their opinion that contemptuous language at the workplace stems mostly from prejudice, and sometimes there is a fine line between what is felt to be humorous and what is in fact hurtful.

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