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    Redakcija Jau nuo kitų metų rinkoje įsitvirtins pagrindinę asmeninių kompiuterių įvesties ir išvesties sistemą BIOS pakeisianti UEFI technologija, kuri kompiuterių įkrovą sutrumpins nuo kelių minučių iki kelių sekundžių.

    These integrations enable a more streamlined print production process and will offer print providers enhanced productivity and lower costs. With margins continually under pressure, printers are always looking for ways to increase automation and reduce labour costs.

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    Done right, this has the added effect of streamlining the print production process, reducing turn-around times, ensuring more timely communication of job status to clients and providing more accurate measurement of job production costs to name just a few.

    A key benefit of this integration is the ability to deliver additional PDF content attached to an MIS job, with the help of automatic page assignment for future reference purposes.

    This enables print providers to streamline the delivery of artwork throughout the organisation, and allows old jobs to be visible after they have been archived and deleted from within XMF. This is especially beneficial for web-to-print workflows.

    A efi prekybos sistema advantage is that print jobs can be created automatically. This saves time and ensures that jobs are created consistently. Moreover, the integration enables users to select XMF job templates based on existing templates, which are picked automatically using criteria within the MIS, saving time and resources.

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    The integration with EFI Pace allows users to benefit from complete two-way end-to-end workflow integration. EFI Pace is a proven MIS solution exclusively designed for the print industry that enables users to further increase operational efficiencies and maximise profits through process automation.

    Once done, XMF sends information about the production timings and the number of plates used back to the MIS and the data is stored. XMF can now provide customers with the best opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and maximise profit potential, automating processes and giving them full control of the flow of information throughout production.

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